Minutes, April 2018

Altadena Senior Men’s Golf Club

Minutes April  2018


The meeting was called to order at precisely 7:00 by President jack Jourdan. Attendance was full, with all Board members present.

Dave Carlburg attended as a guest.


The minutes of the March Meeting and Treasurers report were approved by voice vote.



Publicity: nothing to report

Tournaments:Brookside the likely venue.

Membership: Inactive members will be contacted. No new members.

Entertainment; Sumer get together will be June 28that Richard’s house. June 21 is the RSVP deadline. $300 is allocated from the budget to cover costs.

Rules: Park will review local rules by the May meeting and report back. USGA Rules will become effective in 2019 and are not of current concern.

Handicap: Dave Carlburg reported on the new international handicap system [makes it easier for us to have an away tournament at one of the old courses]. The new system takes effect in 2020, and will be based on the 8 best rounds of the last 20 rounds.  There will be no; more ‘equitable’ adjustment.

Thanks to Dave for this info.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:19.


Respectfully submitted,

Jim Nelson, Secretary


Rain falls on the grass

Filling the ruts left by

The golfer’s cart


          Basho [adapted

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