Minutes, July 2018

Altadena Senior Mens Golf Club 

Minutes: July 2018 Board Meeting 


All Board members were in attendance.

Meeting was called to order by President Jack Jourdan at 7:01 am


Minutes of previous meeting were approved.


Treasures report approved. Check we’re cut for tournament winners and costs for lunch at Richard Martins.  Thanks to Richard and crew for the luncheon.




Membership: one new member, Richard Storey.  SCGA has begun membership promotion for recruiting new members.  Rob followed up on SCGA club compliance by taking a test, and we comply.


Website: Rob investigating other web hosting possibilities.  Photos of members on website in process.


Rules: extended discussion as to whether area next to green on 4 allows for a drop. Discussion tabled by vote until next meeting.


Finally - congratulation to Tom McGuinness and Kim Petersen as club champions.


Meeting adjourned at 7:24


Respectfully submitted,


Jim Nelson, Secretary


Our dog died last week -

Yet hawks soar, coyotes roam -

Thanks for golfing friends.

Altadena Senior Men's Golf Club

1456 E Mendocino St.

Altadena, CA 91001