Minutes, May 2018

Altadena Senior Men’s Golf Club

Minutes May 2018


The meeting was called to order by President Jack Jourdan at exactly 7:00


All Board members were in attendance.


The minutes of the April meeting and treasurer’s report were approved as submitted  by voice vote.

Approval of a check request of $25.00 for putting contest winner. 



Rules: Clarified that the curb immediately north of the fifth green is OB.

The path near the 4thtee is not available for a drop. 


Tournaments: Rob checking into distribution of tournament payouts relative to handicap. Payouts seem to be evenly distributed.


Club championship is June 6. Lively discussion on who plays what. Jack will send out clarification for those who want to be included in the tournament, those who want to play 18 holes but not be included [as for new members] and who wants to play only 9 holes. See Jack’s email for clarification. 


Membership: two new members: Arthur Huff and Vaughn Williams. Welcome to them!

A reminder that SCGA keeps people as inactive for two years when dues are not paid. After two years they are dropped.


Entertainment: It’s party time! Lunch will be June 28 at Richard’s from 11:30 – 1;30 when it is siesta time. RSVPs due by 6/21.


Handicap: nothing to report.


Meeting adjourned at 7:27.


Respectfully submitted by Jim Nelson, Secretary.


Your literary desert, with apologies to Ron Padgett:


Ladies and Gentlemen in Outer Space


Here is my philosophy:

Everything changes [the word ‘everything’

Has just changed as the 

Word ‘change’ has: it now

Means ‘no change’] so

Quickly that it literally surpasses m y belief,

Changes right past it

Like some of the giant

Ideas in this area.

I had no beginning and I shall have

No end: the beam of light stretches out before and behind

And I cook the vegetables

For a few minutes only,

The fewer the better. Butter and serve.

Here is my philosophy: butter and serve.


And then play golf.











Altadena Senior Men's Golf Club

1456 E Mendocino St.

Altadena, CA 91001